Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kaleta Concussion; What Do You Think?

Now Kaleta's taken some liberties with hits in the past, but here Tom Kostopoulos Max Lapierre runs at him in a pretty precarious position. Kostopoulos Lapierre got a boarding call while Kostopoulos got a Rivet fist sandwich.

Worse than the Ballard hit last week? Is this suspendable because Kaleta got a concussion (as it seems injury only leads to penalty in Colin Campbell's office)?


Tom said...

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be a suspendable hit by current standards, though IMO these incidents won't disappear until a brief suspension is automatic.

Vance said...

I agree with you, nothing will come of it, nor will they go away any time soon.

But why does it seem we're talking about these kind of hits more and more often?

Are they really becoming more prevalent, or are Youtube and bloggers just bringing the debate to the forefront?

Anonymous said...

Portland trainers are now speaking with the Washington Capitals AHL affiliates trainer about having their team dentist certified to make a medical device developed with the N.E. Patriots. Chris Bourque had four concussions in two years, since being fitted he has had none in a season and a half. The NHL workmens compensation has recognized this procedure as a means of reduction. They have provided a level of coverage to help players protect from this devistating injury.

James said...

Just to set the record straight, the hit was delivered by Max Lapierre (#40). Kostopoulos is just he guy who takes the beatings when someone else does something wrong...

As for the hit, obviously I'm a Habs fan so I might be biased. And obviously too the NHL discipline rarely follows any logical train of thought.
However, judging from what we've seen this year and the fact that Lapierre is not a known offender, I don't think anything will come of it.

Vance said...

See shotty reporting like this is what you get when you are forced to watch the game on the French language only uStream channel while playing "Beers of War 2."

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