Monday, March 23, 2009

I Love the AHL

Reason #632 to love minor league hockey. Shit goes crazy.

Now earlier in the year, around Christmas time, I was at a Hershey Bears game, and got to witness a fantastic exchange between the referees, Chris Bourque (Ray's son), and Bears coach Bob Woods. Now this picture was taken from my phone, so excuse the graininess, but, see the dots on the left hand side? Those are the water bottles thrown at the officials from Coach Woods, standing on the sideboards, being held back by his players. It was thoroughly fantastic (Hershey packs em in for minor league hockey eh?)

Even funnier? Woods' post game comments...
“I wasn’t throwing the water bottles at him. I used to be a pitcher. I had pretty good accuracy, so if I wanted to throw it at him, I’m pretty sure I would have hit him.”
Now on to last Friday night, brought to you by Puck Daddy via Bruins Blog, Bruins prospect Tukka Rask just goes absolutely ape shit, nearly Marty McSorley-ing the official a half dozen times.

The greatest part is...he's right! That first goal was absolute garbage, moving backwards after losing control of the puck? That's bush league officiating...wonder if it's the same guy?

I'm gonna look it up...I'll get back to you.

Update:: It's not the same guy. The Bears official was David Banfield, the Bruins Frederick L'Ecuyer, at least we know the officiating isn't any better in the minors?


James said...

Frederick L'Ecuyer refs in the NHL sometimes and he's completely atrocious. When the game starts they say who the refs are, and if I see his name I know it's gonna be a motherfucking circus.

Vance said...

What's even worse is that with Koharski leavin, one of those assbags in the AHL will be able to butcher his calls in the NHL full-time next year.

But what's even worse is that Don has 2 sons currently reffing in the A, Jamie and Terry. God help our souls.

James said...

Somehow at first I thought you were stating Don 'Donut' Koharski's retirement as a bad thing. That got me very confused.
Then I saw your second point... God help our souls indeed.

Tom said...

Back in the mid-90s I used to go to a lot of ECHL games and Terry Koharski was very widely known as the worst ref in the league. In Charlotte his name was on the shit-list the same way you'd expect from a rival team's superstar -- as soon as they called it before the game, the crowd would boo loudly and occasionally strike up chants. And this is for low-level minor-league games in a non-traditional market. Dude was the WORST.

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