Monday, March 16, 2009

Hershey Bears: Leading the Charity Jersey Trend

Again, with the charity jerseys. The Hershey Bears are back with their annual St. Patricks Day jersey, putting em on last night against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Once again, just like the venerable Valentine's Day jerseys, these clover-laden green sweaters went to auction after the game, benefiting charity in Central PA. Well, let's take a look at 'em.

Aside from how completely unnatural the green bear looks. I like the overall design of the front of that jersey, the striping is pretty one-of-a-kind (hockey wise) and really goes well with the Mountain Dew backwall behind him. The black sleeves (and socks) actually looks pretty cool and works decently well. Hey, if you're going by just that picture, well hell, they look pretty damn nice. That could adorn my wall anyday...

...but then you move on, and get to see the rest of the sweater. Now the pictures I've been able to find so far don't really model the jerseys all too well, but this much we know. On the right shoulder is a leprechaun's top hat, on the left shoulder a pot of gold, yeah they're not even the same thing. They can't, you know, have symmetrical logos/tacky shit on the shoulder? Really? No? Ok. Strike one.

Now on the first picture, get this, Cheese's blocker is, ok wait for it, blocking this, but here it looks like there's a prancing leprechaun there on the right front side. Judging by the other pictures located here at the Hershey Bears site, it looks like there's a pot of gold there on the back as well. Along with some mysterious floating clovers. Strike two. At least there's no rainbow. Thank God there's no rainbow. God, we'd have had a heyday if there was a rainbow.

I think it's pretty safe to say that Perrault here was happy he decided to tuck it in. Overall though, it's not too bad, far better than the pink one's, but may be just a little more tacky. More tacky than the hearts, pink swirls, and magenta twirlies? That's tacky.

But hey, it's for charity, so we're all winners here. The Bears were winners too, taking back over the East division (and conference) points lead with a 3-2 victory.

Gonna have to say thanks and credit for the pictures goes to JustSports Photography and the Hershey Bears.

What do y'all think? Do we like the St. Patrick's Day jersey?
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