Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fan of the Week: A State Non-Deserving of Hockey

Oh the Carolina Hurricanes, it's funny. A once proud franchise in Hartford, they've failed to recreate that passion with the basketball fans along Tobacco Road. Oh wait, they can't seem to hear me with their Stanley Cup ring in their ears...Damn you Cam Ward, damn you.

Anyways they play to crowds on 30 nights a year, when they aren't at home in Raleigh, or in Tampa, or Atlanta, well I guess any road game inside the Southeast Division really. Suckers. Well, bout time to make fun of some fans, for whatever reason I see fit.
Actually, that's partially true. It was this fan, then Miami U fans, then Carolina Hurricanes pics. Funny, because that's literally a Carolina Hurricanes fan. Stupid. Well, let's make fun of southern culture a little bit, why? Cause I can.

But in all honesty, we owe a lot to the armed forces, so thank you for that, but you still shouldn't give inquisitive children weapons larger than they are. Hmm, let's move on to the token "I'm an awkward teen vying for the attention of the opposite sex, but due to my misunderstanding I'm stricken to a life of virginity and Halo" guy.

Yup, there he is. Sorry pal. The 90's called, they want their bowl cut back. Ok, last but not least, the most ridiculous of the bunch. Grandmas Gone Wild.

I wanna party with her. Now the question is; was she really gridin' on the mascot, is the mascot creeping, or is she in the midst of a crippling stroke whilst the cow/pig mascot catches her? I think it's a legitimate question to ask.

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Spec7ral said...

I believe the ref is either white-carding her (is that even a soccer card color? who cares soccer blows goats!)or is cutting her off because she is so fucking annihilated.

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