Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fan of the Week: One Upping Denson

So Denson WENT OUT OF LINE and skipped straight to some douchey Pens fans. Technically it was Buffalo's turn last week to get the harsh treatment. But I suppose it's somewhat appropriate, with Denson making fun of his fellow fans last week (though I think he could've done better than a wedding, a slut, and doggie balls) while I get to deride my fellow fans this week.

So Denson's got half a wedding shot?

I've got the whole damn party. And yet, once again, just like last week, that guy still manages to get some. Moving on.

Denson's got some Slut McSlutwhore, I've got a damn Jeep. A Jeep with a backwards logo. What a sad day. Like, if you're gonna wreck your '89 Cherokee, at least take an iota of pride in your work. The wrong shade of Blue (it's #000033 assholes, sheesh), a backwards logo, an '89 Cherokee. Good Lord, Orchard Park.

Oh yeah, he had a dog too. A pug laying on some dude's balls...Sabre nation responds with?

A weiner dog. The picture may not include any taint, but it's still a weiner dog. Get it, a WEINER dog. That dog is a real fan, with a cape, a Ryan Miller cape.

So now I've called you, now to raise you.

Oh yeah, I raise you a baby. A BABY IN A PUMPKIN. A BABY. IN. A. PUMPKIN.

Wow, what asshole parents.

So those are your Fans of the Week, what a sad day for Western New York. But it's alright, Carolina fans are next week.


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