Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dialogue: The Ovechkin Debate

Give us your dialogue. We got Ovechkin, Greener, and Lukas Krajicek. Fire away. And this time actually do it, buttholes.


Vance said...

Ovechkin: Ooh so hot like I'm fire. I on FIRE!
Krajicek: Ach miluji, jaké to je být uvnitř vás!!!
Ovechkin: ooooooh! vhat! I hot!
Krajicek: Rychlejší! Tvrději! Silnější!
Ovechkin: So hot right now! Mike come! I hot like fire. I spit hot fire! Mike come! I here like fire!
Green:You know I think I'm gonna sit this one out...but I'm gonna keep watching...
Krajicek: I like it when you call me big popppaaaaaaaa..
Ovechkin: Wonder what Cherry think bout me now!

Denson said...

Krajicek: Ohhhhh Ovie...right there, yeah...don't move baby...oooo...oh it's so warm in there.

Ovechkin: Yay you like that don't you, stick that hot stick in me Krajiiii doooo it.

Green pondering: Damn...why does Krajicek get to do him. Aren't my league leading D-man goals enough a little Russian loving? Sigh*

Spec7ral said...

Krajicek:"Hey, have you ever heard of the phrase 'Insult to injury'?"
Ovie:"What? Hosay tell me stick is like hawt, is hawt!"
Green:(chucking to himself)"HOLY FUCK, I can't beleive he's actually doing it... Blue is going to get a rolled-up newspaper up his ass tonight."
Ovie:"Who is this blue?"

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