Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Dialogue Yet

First off, if you haven't seen the video, do so now.

Now that you've seen Ben Eager cross check Luongo in the face, we have a Dialogue to do. This comes in 2 parts, the first image is all 6 guys hangin' in the penalty box; Havlat, Kane, Keith, Byflugien, Cam Barker, and Dave Bolland.

And obviously they're talking shit on Mr. Bieksa here, who does his best Mike Ribeiro impression, but what's he sayin'? OMG YOU DECIDE.

Dialogue it.

Update: You guys suck at fan participation. SUCK AT IT


Vance said...

Bieksa: Now, now Patrick, you and your friends need to be quiet, you don't want to wake Mommy Quenneville.
Kane: We're not having a sleepover!
Bieksa: Shhhhhh, you can play with your My Little Ponies, just softer.
Kane: I don't play with My Little Ponies!
Bieksa: Shhhhh, you have all night to play with your Cabbage Patch Kids.
Byflugien: [aside] Dude, seriously, wanna have a sleepover and play Xbox?
Kane: [aside] Yeah, but then he wins...we can't let him win.
Havlat: Ha! Ha! You shirt look like green Hulk! Ha! You Stupid! [pulls groin] ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Denson said...

Bieksa: I will have the enchilada platter with two tacos and no guacamoles

Sundin (Yells from bench) I'll have a Chinchilla!

Havlat (looks to Byflugien): A Chinchilla?

Byflugien: They think I'm Mexican...

Kane: You're not Mexican?

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