Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Reason to Hate Baseball Thanks to Letterman

So last night, 10 players from around the MLB were on the Letterman show to help deliver Letterman's "Top Ten Reasons to Watch the World Baseball Classic".

I watched it and I got pissed. Now while I realize Letterman wrote the piece, Derek Jeter is still a douchebag.

Vance on Letterman: "He's a nerdy lil prick who hasn't played a sport since his mom made him play field hockey"

Don't kill the messenger you say? F that shit. Anytime I have a chance to take a shot at baseball I will.

I can't wait til his name surfaces with Steroids. In an era where 75% of the league is a bunch of faggoty ass cheaters, why would or should we watch baseball? These people aren't role models. The sport of baseball has been a joke for 10 years now. Ya ya, it's the "American Pastime". I know hockey will never reach the popularity level of baseball, but honestly...people bitch and moan that the NHL season is too long, or that it's a boring sport. Ummm...why do I want to watch 162 4-5 hour games of a sport that has SO LITTLE ACTION it's ridiculous. Yes I understand that if my team was any good I'd probably follow it...yes true...but I would never, EVER feel that baseball is a more exciting game than hockey. I would never feel that it requires more skill than hockey. And I will never feel that Baseball is not forever tainted by the bunch of douchebag cheaters that play the sport.

Enough bitching. Watch the Letterman video. It really pissed me off even though it's only the last 3 seconds that do.


digitahighlander said...

How did I know that's exactly what he was going to say before I even watched the clip?

Baseball sucks donkey balls and Jeter is a voluminous bag of douche.

I say "we" embrace the "rich, elitist" stereotype that gets cast upon hockey and its fans... yea, that's right. We're smart, and we're rich, and we love hockey -- so fffuuuuccckkkk you!

jamestobrien said...

Digital highlander? You know something good's going to happen with that name.

Vance, WTF you don't think baseballers are good athletes?

B-but what about David Wells? And C.C. Sabathia? Those two would DOMINATE ... bowling leagues.

Vance said...

Denson wrote this one, I stay out of the baseball commentary as I'm a pretty big Phillies fan (WORLD EFFING CHAMPIONS). But Letterman (or his writer's) are giant dicknoses.

There's obviously the athletes; Utley, David Wright, Dustin Pedroia.

Then there's the Ryan Howards, Adam Dunns, and Sabathia's.

At least you can say baseball is an equal opportunity sport?

jamestobrien said...

Whoops. Didn't read the author title. I, of all people, should be conscious of that.

(Still kinda shocked that the Phillies won the World Series. Just seems like a weird thing to type. Although, battery chucking aside, Philadelphia fans probably deserve a championship. But, really guys, cool it with the batteries already.)

Denson said...

Ugh, I like baseball...but I love having reason to hate it...and they give us that pretty much everyday.

Watch out for the Buccos!

digitahighlander said...

I love the Phils.. if you can't tell yet I'm a huge Philly fan all around. (Ok, except the Sixers.. it's the NBA.. who cares?) Cmon though.. hockey vs baseball? Couldn't agree more Denson.

But fucking-a... it's "cool" to hate hockey like it was "cool" to hate Bushs for 7 years and 11 months.

Political affiliations aside, you know what I mean and my point stands.

Batteries? Fuck JD Drew.

And don't you dare bring up Santa Claus.


Tom said...

Baseball? Please.

Bryan Ollendyke said...

wow Leterman Sux

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