Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5 Hours Left: Quiet for Now

And not a damn thing has happened yet!

There's so many outlets covering this nonsense (non-story?) that it's nearly egregious. I'm listening to TSN, between McGuire bashing any Leaf on the block, Barnaby murmuring nonsensicals, and Panger running at the mouth, I'm havin' a lovely time at work.

Check Cycle Like The Sedins (CLTS, almost looks dirty) for a sometimes serious, mostly humorous, look at every team's options across the league, including ourselves. Look out for Denson's spelling errors, Phillepe Bouche, hilarious.

Remember to watch our trade page. All it has are the players moved, the links to the story, and when it went down. Simple.

Some early Sabres news:: Bill Clement says that Tim Connolly has a 2 year, $8 million dollar contract on the table, will he accept? I say...TRADE HIS ASS. Sabres have practice today at 10 am, if someone isn't on the ice, we'll know why...Keep it around here. We love company.

First trade of the day! Antoine Vermette for Pascal LeClaire and a 2nd, as Eklund says, DOMINOES!!!! Remember it's all up on the trade page.
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