Monday, March 2, 2009

15 NHL Teams to Fold?

According to "humor" writer, Bill Simmons, known as "The Sports Guy" aka Boston fanboy (douchebag), the NHL is in some dire straits. Here's what he said in his latest article on the economic state of the an article on the NBA.
Looking at the big picture, the league won't struggle even 1/10th as much as the NHL in years to come -- of all the wildest predictions I heard in Phoenix, the craziest came from a connected executive who predicted that fifteen NHL teams would go under within the next two years (and was dead serious) -- and Major League Baseball is about to get creamed beyond belief.
I look at that quote and immediately, IMMEDIATELY, can think of only one thing. Al Gore.

Bill Simmons is super, super, serial.

15? Half the league? Christ, if our Government is throwing money at banks so they can throw big ole Earth, Wind, & Fire jamborees, there's no way a couple million can't be spared to entertain the masses. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

But then again, Obama's been spotted at Washington Wizards games...yes, the woeful 14-46 Wiz, but not at a single Capitals game, you know the first place 40-19-5 Capitals. I think we need another South Park clip.

The NHL is doomed.

Oh by the way, Bill Simmons, stick to the NBA, that suits you best. One last video jusssssst for you.


jamestobrien said...

There was a point where I was a huge fan of Billy Simmons. He's really starting to test my patience.

Really, how can he be "Sports Guy" when he likes THREE sports? Seriously, the Boston Bruins are arguably the best team in the NHL right now (at least points wise, it's not a crazy statement) and he can barely give a shit.

He needs to simply call himself "Mainstream Sports Guy" and at least be a little honest. And I'm a fan of the guy, for chris sakes.

Also: I always like spelling it "super cereal." Just a stylistic difference we're going to have to work through, eh?

jamestobrien said...

Also, both of you and Denson's posts are fucking great. You guys are like, almost my real life friends at this point.

(Reaches out for a hug, realizes it's not going to happen and then makes a failing "was just trying to stretch my arms" motion.)

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