Monday, February 23, 2009

You Saw It Here First

1. Barry Melrose - GONE.
2. Craig Hartsburgh - GONE.
3. Michel Therrien - GONE.
4. Tom Renney - GONE.

So tough shit Mike Babcock, Andy Murray, Joel Quenneville, and Pete DeBoer. Game's over. Fun while it lasted huh?

Oh wait, that's as ridiculous as it sounds? Almost as ridiculous as Eklund "fact checking" Puck Daddy and asking Brian Burke if he is twittering. This has been rehashed all over the place today. Because it's so damn funny.

Timeline. Puck Daddy features obviously fake Brian Burke twitter story. Eklund calls him out for journalistic unintegrity (The link has since been taken off of Hockeybuzz, but I retained the URL, cause I emailed Greg to make sure he saw). Puck Daddy responds. We all laugh. We. All. Laugh. Line's drawn in the sand. Where do you stand? I side with P. Diddy.

Too much. Toooooo much.
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