Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Back...Gonchar's Back

Yes Yes readers. I am alive and out of the woodwork.

So the biggest and bestest...yes Pens fans have received in months came this past week. Gonchar is back. Now while most retarded bandwagon Pens fans have been running around saying the "Pens are back" because they beat San Jose I am keeping things in perspective...because this team has a lonnnnng way to go. It would also help if Florida would start sucking.

With that said, there are PLENTY of articles surfacing on the web about whether or not the return of Gonchar will save the Pens. And while Gonchar will not in any way be their cure-all solution to the defensive problems they have, he will be a major boost.(Anyone see F-Stick Whitney slide into Fleury and almost score in his own net after Fleury had to stone Grier on a breakway)...that is the kind of shit we have to deal with day in and day out.

But what is this shit? 2 months ago when The Pens became The Suck...every blogger, sports columnist, and fan said "...Well, Gonchar is a bigger loss than we thought, the Pens problems are obviously stemming from his absence"...yet now that he's's ohhh Gonchar's return doesn't help them at all. WHAT?! Retards.

Look...Gonchar will definitely help defensively but that's not going the biggest areas of improvement. To me, this is what I'm excited to see improvement in:

1. Obviously, the Powerplay - Malkin doesn't have to worry about turning the puck over, Gonchar can run the PP with his great puck moving abilities, Whitney can go back to floating around...doing nothing...and then scoring. Oh and maybe shots from the point will go in...maybe.

2. Breakouts - If anyone watched the Detroit game...even saw first hand how ineffective the Pens are when they can't break out of their own zone. That first quick outlet pass from D to winger is so crucial, and I'm not sure anyone in the game makes that tape to tape pass sexier than Gonchar.

3. Confidence - Think the Pens need still need that extra something to get some consistency going? Look no further than Serge, he's verrrry rarely a liability when he's on the ice. Can't say the same about Whitney, Letang, or Gill's slow ass. Even Crosby at times proves to be a liability...sometimes trying to do it all yourself is worse than playing smart, patient hockey.

To me, the Breakout is the most important. The Pens transition game will get much better and HOPEFULLY they can spend some more in the opposing team's zone getting good quality scoring chances...hell maybe even some goals from the point...jokecitybolog.

Everyone wants to talk about how bad the D is for the Pens this year. Remember this is the same group of guys in the Cup Finals last year...and the same guys who helped the Pens have one of the best GAA in the playoffs. (Too lazy to look it up right now).

Maybe some more support from the wingers during in-zone breakouts would help...Shitan....douche. But now that Gonchar is back...and Whitney is getting...less douchey.. maybe they can stretch the ice some more. Maybe we'll see them do a little more run and gun. I don't expect to see immediate improvements, but I do expect Gonchar's return to be way way more valuable than a lot of people are willing to admit.
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