Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Would You Rather?

Michael Farber, the donk that wrote the column below and whom I've mocked in Critiquing the Critics throughout these past couple weeks, is currently on Pittsburgh radio talking about not just that seemingly infamous column, but hockey in general.

He proffers up a legitimate question as we head towards these playoffs, what's going to be the downfall of these teams? Cause obviously some one is going to miss out. Farber thinks one of the Habs/Rangers are going to miss out, with the Pens or Canes catching up and sneaking in.

So now we ask you: Who would you rather?

Would you rather be the Rangers? A team with usually stellar goaltending situation, a rancid defense, and the league's least effective offense.


Would you rather be the Canadiens? A team with young, serviceable, yet lackadaisical forwards, a commendable but not laudable D, and a goalie in Carey Price who smokes more cigarettes a day than total saves made.

Your call.


Vance said...

I'll throw my hat out here first.

My initial inclination was to go with the Rangers, cause frankly Lundqvist is a far superior goalie to Price.

But in the end I think you almost have to go with the Habs.

Even as bad as Price has been of late, at least he has a semblance of a defense playing in front of him. Comparing Komisarek, Markov, and now Schneider to Staal, Rosival, and Redden is some sort of sick joke.

Fact of the matter is that regardless of how well Lundqvist plays, that D will always hang him out to dry and without an offense to pick up the slack, you almost have to go with the Canadiens here.

Either way both are in completely unenviable situations.

jamestobrien said...

For me, it's strikingly easy: Montreal. And to some degree they are "slightly enviable."

The big(gest) thing that distinguishes the two teams is salary cap flexibility. The Rangers are ABSOLUTELY stuck in their current shitty position.

Here's the big money, long-term Rangers contracts: Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Wade Redden, Michal Rosival and Henrik Lundqvist. Out of that group, only Lundqvist is worth big cash (and $6 million plus is BIG cash for a goalie). And every makes a LOT except maybe Rosival, whose $5 million + cap hit borders on fan manslaughter.

By comparison, the Canadiens have only about $20 million committed to the cap next year.

I agree that Price/Halak isn't exactly a world beating combo but their combined salary is under $2 million. They only have three players making more than $2 million next year: Andrei Markov ($5.75 mill), Roman Hammer-licker (5.5) and Andre Ko-Tits-sin (3.25 mill).

Note: I don't think those last two names are funny, just easier than looking up the spelling.

Markov's contract is really quite solid, people seem to like Roman even if he's kind of a disgrace of a No. 1 pick and Kos-tits is eh ... young at least.

The Habs have plentiful room and will probably let overpaid floaters like Kovalev go. They can re-build their team whichever way they want.

In some ways, the Habs have plenty to be jealous about.

(Plus, Gainey >>>>>> Sather. Seriously.)

Here's there cap info if you're a speculative dork like me:

jamestobrien said...

Oh no ... I meant "their" salary cap number. It drives my inner grammar fascist crazy when that is spelled incorrectly.

Vance said...

I didn't even think to go as far as the cap situation. Good point. Moving forward, by God, I would much rather be Gainey than Sather, of course that is, if Sather keeps his job past this season (yeah, I know, he won't lose it).

Denson said...

As much as I like to disagree, I can't. The Habs are in a far better situation than the Rangers.

Carey Price has at times... shown brilliance in net.

King Henry always does..but for a team that can't score goals or play defensive I would not want to be on that team.

Best case scenario...the both miss the playoffs! Woo

jamestobrien said...

I've been really preoccupied with the salary cap lately for some reason.

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