Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What an Awful Day

Besides the fact the Rangers and, pending Overtime, Habs getting points, today has plain sucked.

Anyways, couple hockey notes I guess. Nate Gerbe has been sent back to Portland while Paul Gaustad has been cleared tomorrow to play in Philly. Oddly enough, I can't even remember when the Flyers last played. Both teams will be rested, should be a good game.

Denson was listening to P-burgh talk radio, from Atlanta, and they're saying the Pens had close to a 4 hour practice today. Like a tryout. Hilarious.

And just in case you haven't seen it yet. Ovechkin's goal tonight is a throwback to his other highlight reel tally. From his ass.

Sometimes, damn.

Rangers got by the Isles, Habs get a point, so the standings are back to what they were prior to yesterday.

Outside of our teams of interest, we have Kovalev sitting out the road trip. But you knew that already.

This is pretty new however, last night Danny Alfreddson took a wrist shot to the face but came back to the game later. He's got xrays, although no word is out yet, Josh Hennessy has been called up, so perhaps there's more to that than meets the eye.

Tomorrow there's a Goat of the Week, and I'm pretty sure everyone and their uncle, or maybe everyone and their man-eating pet Chimpanzee already know who that's gonna be.

Oh funny stuff from today. A) Someone from Iran visited the site today. The terrorists are even infiltrating our past time. I'm looking at you Akim Aliu. B) Someone from Hershey Resort & Entertainment visited as well, AKA Hershey Bears, I hope they aren't mad. They already don't like to sell me beer (I look 12) let alone being barred from games.


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