Monday, February 23, 2009

Tom Renney Fired/ Quick Thoughts

I've got about 10 min break to write while here at work. They're like hawks around here sometimes...

Well after barely salvaging a point last night against the Maple Leafs (Maple Leafs have now been the cause for 2 firings this year, hilarious), the Rangers have fired head coach Tom Renney. Can't say that I'm surprised that he was fired...but I will say I don't think that it was the right move this late in the season. The Pens pulled a similar move when they fired Therrien, and ever since his firing the fans in Pittsburgh have been up in arms calling it a mistake.

Well, fans...and players of the Rangers calling for Renney's head have had their wish granted. Be careful what you wish for though. Just like the Pens now, the rest of the season lies solely on the player's shoulders.

Update: I just realized the sentence "lies solely on the player's shoulders." is a mix of "lies in their hands" and "rests on their shoulders" My writers are morons...

It does, however, seem to make for an awfully exciting finish to the season to battle for the 8th spot between the Rags, Pens, and Canes. Sabres may slip down a little too. I say these 4 teams will be battling for 7 and 8. Anyone else excited for the final weeks of the season? Can't wait.

Other quick thought. After watching the Caps dismantle my Pens Sunday afternoon, I can say I hate hate hate Ovechkin more and more every time I see him play. That hate, however, is our of pure respect for his grit, passion, and energy he plays with every single shift. I found myself on the edge of my seat, with one eye open, cautiously watching, waiting him to score. What can you say about the guy? He is the best player in the world right now, hands down. Malkin and Crosby lead the league in points yes, and I love it as a die hard Pens fan. But Alexander Ovechkin is the most dynamic and dangerous player on the ice...every...single...night.

Last thought regarding the Crosby/Ovechkin slapfest. Best metaphor I've heard regarding these two. "Ovechkin is like your angry big brother. When you piss him off, he puts you in a choke hold, gives you a nuggie, wrestles you to the ground, and rubs your face in it."

All Ovechkin did to Crosby was skate by and give him a nudge. Crosby went f'n slap silly on him, cussing him out and such. And you know it's bad when Pierre McGuire is saying that it's getting a little old. I mean, him and Milbury do love to bitch. If you're just a casual fan of the NHL and turned that game on Sunday, not knowing a thing about the Crosby/Ovechkin immediatley HATE Sidney Crosby, and love everything about Ovechkin.

No Photoshops for you. I don't have time. Blow me.
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