Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something's In the Water in Montreal...

If you've been following the internet here lately, something is going down in Montreal tomorrow.

I'm not talking trade...I'm talking much worse.

RDS dropped a bombshell tonight, saying there's going to be some allegations involving multiple Canadiens and their off-ice activities. The crew seemed very worried, and embarassed, about this situation. It looks criminal.

As much as we kid, nothing is worse than embarrassing yourself, the proud Montreal organization, the greats that came before you, but most of all, the game of hockey.

We'll stay on top of this...aka scour links so that you don't have to.

Update:: Lots of wild accusations floating around, I'm not going to rumor monger because that's not fair to the Canadiens organization. However word is will be posting it shortly after midnight.

Update 12:04 - CKAC radio states and confirms that there are indeed police waiting at the airport for the Habs plane to arrive. I'm still here. News will apparently break shortly after they're player(s) arrested questioned. I almost feel like a journalist.

Update 12:08 - CKAC (although it's french, I'm getting it translated) says the Habs plane arrives at 12:13. They will know all the allegations, with certainty, by 2 am.

Update 12:20 - The RDS show correspondence....

Jacques Demers: "Honestly, there are things I know, and what looks like what's going to come out [in the papers] tomorrow, I swear to you, I thought about Mr. Beliveau tonight ... and I just hope I'm dreaming. I'm a proud Canadien, the Canadiens are my life, and I hope I'm dreaming but I don't think I am."

Michel Bergeron: "I feel the same way. It's unbelievable. Tomorrow, hockey will be second. I don't like at all what I've heard today."

Bob Hartley: "If everything we've been told is true, I've never seen that in my life. If it's true, I'm going back to Atlanta [joking]"

Michel Bergeron: "The Canadiens are my roots, and my idols, like you guys...and it looks like the foundation is going to be shaken. Not just for the Quebecois but for anyone who wears the Canadiens sweater around the country. To me, what's happened, it's unacceptable".

Alain Crete: "We can't go into many details but something has happened that will implicate not just one Canadiens player but many. You'll be hearing more tomorrow."
Ok, this is getting bad. I'm still here. Plane's arriving later than anticipated, more likely around 1 - 1:15. Looks like I'll be staying up with everyone.

Update 12:28 - Starting to leak in that Roman Hamrlik and the Kostitsyn brothers are all involved in associated with a guy arrested for major drug trafficking (cocaine). Something about being involved with a crime syndicate called Operation AXE. Says they've been seen with people affiliated with this drug ring. Nothing official yet. On CKAC again.

7 different player's agents Don Meehan is currently waiting at the airport as well...take it for what it's worth.

Update 12:42 - News is very infrequent. Makes you wonder if Demers, Bergeron, and Co. weren't getting caught up in the hype. Obviously something is a foot, but is this being blown out of proportion simply because of the Canadiens recent struggles and bad press?

Is drug trafficking really the worst thing you've ever seen in your life Mr. Hartley, you haven't seen where Mike Vick lived in Atlanta. Still here, just tryin' to lighten the mood with a Mike Vick joke, always does the trick.

Update 12:51 - The first details to print are emerging. Apparently the police have recorded phone conversations between the Kostitsyn brother's and a drug trafficker who was an intermediary between various crime syndicates.

Now that we have some facts. A) Habs fans; it could be worse. B) It can only get worse. I'm sure we'll know more details soon. By the way, I really wish I lived on the West Coast.

Update 1:00 - The RDS link above was updated once again. Hamrlik is always associated with this gang, mafia, crime syndicate, whatever you want to call it. Apparently this guy was a good friend of the K-Bros and offered "services" to the brothers, such as cars, girls, and nights on the town. Interesting.

A-Kots was interviewed by police, said he knew him, but nothing of him. I'm sure more will come out.

Remember, nobody has been charged with anything. However we do not know all the details. Let us not all draw unwarranted conclusions.

As for the rumor mongering above, I'm striking it. And for the Goats of the Week below, if nothing else changes, hell, I'm adding to it.

Update 1:10 - Basically it looks like this has been terribly overblown. Not to say gallivanting about Quebec with a drug dealer of the mafia persuasion isn't a big deal, but my God. I'll be the first to apologize for the rumor spreading, but I'm just the messenger. I'll ensure all the info on here is all facts, when I wake up tomorrow.

By the way, let it be known I feel pretty much like a total dicknose for the Goat of the Week post below this. Depending on the allegations that are announced it may be taken down for the sake of good taste. Just an FYI.
hehe, no.

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