Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sabres V Leafs: Again

I would preview this game. But instead, here's LeafBlower. Jessssussss Chrrrisst.

Pogge's in net for the Leafs. Last time we saw Pogge he got beat 5-0.

Would it surprise me to see Lalime tonight? No. Lindy split up all the lines, he got mad, like Hulk-Smash mad.

But tonight I'm going to be working on the Versus drinking game. We've all heard of the Jordan Staal drinking game, as well as the numerous "if XXX scores then drink" spontaneous game day drinking games. I'm going to make the standardized Versus Alcohol Game, VAG for short. Doin' it, bet I end up drunk.

Update:: ESPN.COM is currently doing a "Team Loyalty" survey for their Magazine. Check it out. Vote n Stuff.
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