Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rumors are Just That....Ek JK LOL'in...again

Now we here at BanginPanger have no sources what so ever besides the internet and our own opinions as opposed to Eklund, who has at least SOME sort of sources...however irrelevant/retarded some may be...outside the internet. But still, some of this shit is just ridiculous...hence why I don't see Jay Bouwmeester going anywhere unless Florida suddenly goes on a 10 game losing streak. It is true, however, that Bouwmeester has been heard saying he does not want to be in Florida next year...he wants out. And while I don't doubt he wants out, is it wise for the Panthers to trade Jay in midst of their playoff race?.... or is it more worth it for Florida to keep him to maybe be competitive in a round or 2 in the playoffs? If you let him go...you're season is over. It's a tough call.... especially when Florida is really becoming a contender for the playoffs.

So the anonymous hockey blogger is up to his old tricks again. And while there is most likely "some" validity behind the Antropov to Boston and Tkachuk to Rangers rumors, I have a hard time believing that Florida would be willing to part ways with their best player...especially when they are still very very much alive in the playoff race.

God I really really help Bouwmeester isn't traded...I don't want to look like more of an ass than Eklund.

I didn't see this until after I posted this, but Spector...over at SpectorsHockey...one who's opinion I do respect, mentioned the following:
There's talk Panthers GM Jacques Martin has had talks with Penguins GM (and old friend from their Senators days) Ray Shero about a Jay Bouwmeester for Ryan Whitney and draft picks deal
An attractive proposition no doubt for the Pens...but does trading Bouwmeester for Whitney really help the Pens get that much better on D? Yes of course Bouwmeester is better offensively and defensively...but I'm not sure it's enough to make the trade worth it. Bouwmeester will want a long term contract, Whitney is already locked up for a decent price...and JayBo would almost certainly want/deserve more. I'm with Spector on this one, JayBo for Whitney is a no go.


Anonymous said...

So Bouwmeester to the Flyers (a team with depth) is ridiculous, but Bouwmeester to the Pens for Whitney and a pick (the team who has no depth and constantly trades away what little of it they develop for high priced players)... that's legit?


Vance said...

I think right now all Denson means is, the Panthers can't afford to take on the Salary that the Flyers would be trying to shed to get him, as well as Briere under the cap. In that regard it's completely unfeasible at this point.

There's no doubt that the Flyers would have the pieces to make a move, as they actually have a semblance of talent outside their top two players.

But will the Flyers really want to lose vanRiemsdyk/Giroux/Sbisa to get a guy who may or may not stay after the 2 months in Philly are over.

Hossa is a case study in UFA shenanigans and the Flyers would be wise to stay away for Bouwmeester.

Vance said...

Oh yeah, Denson, you think Whitney's cap hit is decent? I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

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