Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rumors are Just Rumors: It's Gonna Get Good

Now we know this is the time of year that Hockeybuzz really starts to rake in the dough. The first move was made in Schneider, setting the precedent for Kubina, Derek Morris, Kaberle, etc, and now the Stars may need to make a move with Brad Richard breaking his wrist.

I think I'm going to leave this particular thread open throughout the day, revisiting it with what I hear/read as I get increasingly bored at work.

First off, there's been a lot of noise about J.S. Giguere over the past couple of weeks. He's essentially lost his job to the cheaper Jonas Hiller but with a Conn Smythe, Cup, and an ESPY behind him, some teams may make a move to shore up their goaltending situation.
(Vesa Toskala too falls into this category, but we're not talking about him.)

So since common sense usually dictates the "rumors" that Mr. Dwayne Klessel (Eklund for the uninitiated) drivels, Washington, Colorado, and Detroit are involved. He also says Jiggy to Toronto, but with the Burke connection, also common sense.

Terry Frei at the Denver Post puts the Avs as close to sellers as possible, with being in last place in the West and all, so this wouldn't truly make sense. Colorado will be shedding weight in the likes of Svatos, Brett Clark, and Jordan Leopold. Not taking on a 6 million dollar goalie. The return of Statsny and Sakic may be close, but not close enough to salvage this season. Boom: Sellers.

Now Washington and Detroit are completely and utterly feasible, except you know, the whole salary cap issue. The Capitals have a little under $1 million available while Detroit currently sits at $1.25 million (but they will have to put Holmstrom back on the books), so essentially both teams would have to move someone to make room for Jiggy.

Do you risk trading a role player, a Brett Lebda or Thomas Kopecky type, for a month of Giguere? Tough call for both Holland and McPhee.

I'll update throughout the day.

Here's your 2nd update on the day.

Lecavalier. Again. This time Mr. Klessel says the Rangers are poised to strike, as well as the Habs. Because we all know that Matheiu Schneider easily replaces Markov on the blueline, right guys!

No? Yeah, he just holds that low hanging fruit and people just reach and reach and reach but they can never get it. It's kind of like the fat girl who hangs out with the cute crowd, just hoping one time a dejected, drunk guy has a moment of despair. Like that.

Here's the 3rd update on the day.


Whew, I'm out of breath.

Malkin for Kovalchuk + picks

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