Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rumors are Just Rumors: Eklund Edition

In case anyone ever tells you, you don't know shit.

I don't have time to debunk a ton of rumors. But I'll post some. Rumor Mongering FTW.

1. Tuomo Ruutu for Erik Cole.
2. Erik Cole to Pittsburgh.
3. Erik Ersberg to Sabres.
4. Frolov to Sabres, Colorado, Pittsburgh.
5. Recchi to Pittsburgh.
6. Pronger to Boston.
7. Neidermeyer to New Jersey.
8. Scotty Gomez to Dallas, Phoenix, Edmonton, Anaheim.
9. Olli Jokinen to the Habs.
10. Bouwmeester to Flyers.

Take what you want from that, none of them will happen. But hey, only 6 days til the deadline.
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