Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor Hershey Bears

Valentine's Day means a lot to women around this country, love or loneliness. Take your pick. To guys, it's either a wasted Saturday at the movie theater or a fun filled night of preying at a bar. To the Hershey Bears, Saturday, February 14th was a hilariously emasculating evening of hockey.

Why do I say that? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Poor, poor Hershey Bears. There's more photos at Inside Hockey as well.

No son of Raymond Bourque should ever have to wear such a thing.

Giroux has 38 goals, leads everyone else in the AHL by 10, and has to wear that garbage. I sure hope the folks in Hershey bid enough for those charity jerseys to make a difference in the world.

I've been on the lookout in the local papers to see how much "Puck-er Up Night" made for local charity, I haven't found anything yet. (Wait, Puck-er Up Night? There's gotta be a joke in there somewhere.)

Actually, I think I like the pink jerseys more than the Norfolk Admirals jerseys, those are hideous.

Thanks to the Bears for the photos, and the Laughs.

[But to be fair, as much as people degrade the pink jerseys, any time that an organization comes together in support of charity, regardless of the means in which they do, is commendable. So kudos to the Bears for that.]
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