Monday, February 2, 2009

Kennedy Suspended/Ovechkin...a Photoshopped Captain?

So the NHL has dealt a 1 game suspension to Penguins forward Tyler Kennedy. It's not really a big deal...he was going onto the ice during a legal line change but started a fight with Leafs D-man Luke Schenn. According to the rules:
“A player who has entered the game on a legal line change... who starts an altercation may be subject to discipline ...”
So it is what it is. It is unfortunate because the Pens could use all the help they could get against the Habs Tuesday night, and Kennedy sure would be a plus. Luca Caputi has been recalled and looks to replace him.


In other news, Capitals Captain Chris Clark is out for the season. Boudreau has been on record saying...
"Clark is our captain," he said. "There's no controversy there. When he gets healthy, he'll come back and be our captain."
Whether Ovechkin serves as Captain in his absence and wears the C at the same time has yet to be determined, but I'd assume they'd want the man that is basically carrying this team into a 2 or 3 seed in the playoffs with Captain responsibilities at least until next year. Clark is a class act and I'm sure will be Captain of the Caps again next year...but this is just another chance for Ovechkin to step up in his ever widening spotlight and shine. With Poster Boy and his team possibly missing the playoffs, it'd be great to see another young guy with the C.

Question the front page of the Caps Website Photoshopped? Take a look below...notice the "C" on Ovechkin's jersey? I smell Bettman conspiracy!


Reed-CK said...

That's actually from the pre-season I believe, Ovechkin was a captain for those games.

Anonymous said...

are you fucking retarded? ovie is the new captain he is the franchise player and he fuckin rapes. he will be the captain as long as he wants to. clark was traded on 12-28-09

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