Monday, February 9, 2009

James Mirtle's Playoff Push

I want to copy this here, even though most people that happen upon BanginPanger probably already check out James Mirtle's From the Rink, but I'm doin it anyway.

He has this feature called "The Playoff Push" which chronicles each teams push towards the playoffs, but more specifically, 90 points or better. The average post lockout 8th place team (does that make sense?) in each conference had 93 points, so he uses 90 as the benchmark. So these are the records that each team would have if they ended the season with 90 points. Counting this weekends games...

Western Conference (90 points)

  1. San Jose - 5-26-1
  2. Detroit - 6-22-1
  3. Chicago - 12-19-0
  4. Calgary - 13-17-0
  5. Dallas - 15-14-1
  6. Minnesota - 16-13-1
  7. Vancouver - 17-13-0
  8. Edmonton - 17-12-0
  9. Anaheim - 15-10-1
  10. Los Angeles - 18-12-1
  11. Columbus - 17-11-1
  12. Nashville - 18-10-1
  13. Phoenix - 18-9-1
  14. Colorado - 19-9-1
  15. St. Louis - 20-10-0

Eastern Conference (91 points)

  1. Boston - 3-25-0
  2. Washington - 9-18-1
  3. New Jersey - 11-18-0
  4. Philadelphia - 13-17-0
  5. Montreal - 13-15-1
  6. NY Rangers - 14-15-0
  7. Buffalo - 14-13-1
  8. Florida - 16-13-1
  9. Carolina - 16-12-0
  10. Pittsburgh - 17-10-0
  11. Toronto - 21-8-0
  12. Tampa Bay - 22-7-0
  13. Ottawa - 23-7-1
  14. Atlanta - 25-3-0
  15. NY Islanders - 27-3-0
Now what exactly does this tell us? Well the West is potentially wide open, with spots from 5 through 14 (highly unlikely but still, where do you draw the line?) able to reach that benchmark. In the East the race is much more defined, the difference between 10 and 11 is pretty stark.

But what it also shows is just how difficult it will be for certain teams to make up ground in the race. Pittsburgh has to win (though this doesn't take into account shootout losses, but this is a simplified look at it, so piss off) 63% of it's games to make it to 91 points, while Florida, who is currently just 1 point ahead in the standings, can go with a 53% win percentage and they reach that point.

Needless to say, this is going to be fun!


bones said...

islanders win the 2009 stanley cup - you heard it here first.

Vance said...

That is the funniest effing thing that's ever been written on this site.

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