Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is Sidney Crosby a Bad Teammate?

Ryan Whitney, Penguins Defensemen:
"I wouldn't say it's a struggle playing with him," says Whitney, the defenseman, "but Sid sees plays happening one or two steps ahead, and other guys don't. It can frustrate him. I don't think by any means he gets on his linemates too bad, but he's a superstar, and last year he found a guy [Hossa] to play with who's a superstar. You see him and Malkin together, and well, there's Sid again. But when he's playing with guys who are good NHL players but not quite on his level ... guys get a little nervous."
From this week's upcoming Sports Illustrated issue, now I didn't read the whole article, cause frankly that's a lot of words. But I'm going to throw this out there.

If his own guy, his boyiiieeeeee, a friend who's going to be playing along side him for the next 5 years, says "I don't think by any means he gets on his line mates too bad...", that to me, is telling. Does he really bitch guys out for a saucered tape to tape pass through 3 defenders skates from behind the net? Exaggeration, yes, but you get the point.

I'd love to see in what context that's being said. Was Whitney being defensive? Was he qualifying his statement? Is he throwing the 11 different guys that have played on Crosby's wing this year under the bus? Going on the record with a statement like that is a pretty big deal, especially when team chemistry means so much in today's game.

Since nobody gives a damn what I think, we go to the comments. What do y'all think, has Crosby been part of the problem? Is Crosby a bad teammate? Should Crosby be...traded?!? (e3)


Denson said...

I dont think Crosby throws his linemates under the bus, I'm sure he gets frustrated that they cant keep up with him, and then that puts more pressure on them to succeed and they are probably more worried about pleasing him than just playing. But i dont see that as Crosby's fault. They just can't skate with him.

Believe me, I've played on lines with guys I can't skate with, and I'd get pissed when I didn't make a good play to a guy i knew would finish, id rather be on a line that I can mesh with everyone.

Is Crosby hard to play with? Definitely...Is he a bad linemate? No way.

James said...

Crosby being traded? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Great one. Thanks for that.

Vance said...

Well my sources just got back to me on this one. I can't name names, nor can I say who's involved, but there's more to come later. Stay tuned.


Back to this, as we all know Crosby won't be traded (e5) it's now up to Shero to find someone who can skate with Crosby.

I just found it odd that Whitney would be willing to admit Crosby get's on his own guys.

But if I'm Dupuis I'm relatively pissed, maybe they're a lot more humble than I would be. But pride and hubris dictates that I can play with anyone. And hearing that I can't through Michael Farber is rather insulting.

Gary Scares Me said...

Sidney Crosby is not a bad teammate, he's a frustrated captain trying to motivate his team. The guy plays his heart out night in and night out, and has a bunch of minor leaguers on his line. Tenk and Dupuis have a combined 20 goals...and sure, it is frustrating when you make a tape to tape pass and your linemate rings an easy goal off the post, or completely misses the net. Every good center who's a passer has had a scoring winger...Lemieux - Jags, Gretky - Curry, Hall, etc., Thorton - Setoguchi, Savard - Kessel...anyway, you get the point. You can see what Sid does with a scoring winger on his PP, Hossa was 2nd in the playoffs in scoring (behind Sid may I mind you) in playoff scoring last year. Sid has had to play with shit his whole career. Before he got hurt last year, freakin Mark Recchi and Colby Armstrong were his linemates! Sid's played with shit his whole career and he's made other guys look good. So yeah, I'd be frustrated too...

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