Thursday, February 26, 2009


Via TSN. The story is here. Pittsburgh Penguin's defensemen Ryan Whitney has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks for Left Winger Chris Kunitz and prospect Eric Tangradi.

Thoughts Later.


Well unlike Denson, and most of the blogging world that I've seen, I happen to think this deal is a win - win for both sides, even with the seemingly gross overpayment by the Penguins. Why? Well it's pretty logical.

First, they got Crosby's winger. It's pretty obvious that this was Shero's #1 priority. Chris Kunitz isn't a top line winger, with 60 and 50 point seasons under his belt, but what he does add is grit and a body in front of the net on the PP. So with one move they found Crosby a winger and help for the PP.

Alot of people are saying they could've received more for Whitney, well, probably. It is an overpayment, however the move addressed some of the most glaring needs, so Pens fans can't be too disappointed.

The salary implications of this move are less clear, Kunitz's cap hit is 3.75 million through 2011-2012, while Whitney's is 4 million for a year longer. It's a wash for both teams, however the Pens do move all that salary from the blue line to the forwards. It's essentially a horizontal move, still too much money tied up in too few guys.

What Whitney provides to the Ducks is a replacement for Neidermeyer. Those trade rumors about Pronger and Neids? Expect one to move, even if Bob McKenzie doesn't think so right now. Both are nearing the end of their illustrious careers and Whitney with some tutelage, will be able to replace their offensive capabilities.

As for Tangradi, he's the 2nd ranked prospect in Anaheim's pool, according to Hockey's Future. A big LW out of...Philadelphia?!? OMG PENS FANS. Could help restock a pretty bare cupboard in Wilkes-Barre.

We do know however that Brian Burke is pissed at Shero, this move totally devalues Kaberle, I wouldn't expect him to be moved at all now.

We'll hear Denson's overreaction sooner than later and we've also got some feelers out to some West Coast bloggers to get their opinions on everything.

What do you all think? Hit the comments.


I don't have much time for this shit. F'n work is pissing me off today and trying to prevent me from going to Chicago tomorrow for the Pens game. Well F them.

First of all, this is NOT Crosby's winger. It's a piece of the puzzle, and I honestly believe there is another trade in the making that will put something like...Kunitz - Crosby - "Crosby's Winger" together. It may not happen before the deadline this year, but this is a building block, and this summer will allow Shero the opportunity to go get Crosby "his winger".

Why keep Whitney when we have prefect capable puck-moving D-man like Go-Go behind him? What sucks is Whit was just coming back from injury, and wasn't really looking like his old self. I wish him all the best of luck, but not THAT great cause well...I don't want this trade to bite the Pens in the ass.

I'm still "eh" on the trade. I don't love it, don't hate it. It is a good trade for both teams I will agree. Can't really judge the value of the trade until we see some results. I'm really excited to see what Tangradi can bring to this team as well. Pens fans all love Caputi in the AHL and Tangradi is being regarded as a better prospect than Caputi. I like him already.

Also. Eklund is a d-bag.


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