Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad News (Sa)bEARs

Well since Vance is currently losing his money in a poker game with Dad and other old men, I figured I'd write a lil post about his Sabres.

Unfortunately, it was a bitter sweet night for the Sabres as they beat the fading Rangers 4-2 but saw their number 1 goaltender limp gingerly off the ice after being upended by that Mexican, Spanish, Venezuelan Scotty Gomez piece of shit. Now I have yet to see the play...hopefully it wasn't dirty or anything, but still, this could be the worst news for Sabres fans while trying to hold onto a playoff spot.

With Vanek already out with the broken jaw, and now Miller possibly out...what kind of moves can we expect the Sabres to make in the coming weeks before the deadline? Lalime is a very capable backup, but if Miller is down for an extended period, Buffalo may all of a sudden have to switch gears and look for a goalie that could help them in the playoffs.

That my input on the situation. I'll let Vance reflect later after he finishes losing money to his Dad.

Update 11:41 - Ryan Miller is out indefinitley with a high ankle sprain. I'm down 12 bucks, and I will kill Gomez. We go with Lalime, Penguins this is your open door. Best player and franchise goalie out? That's a bitch. - Vance

Update 2:11 - I lost 15. Though it took a last ditch 30 dollar pot to bring that back. I'm pretty drunk. It was a last ditch effort.
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