Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tim Thomas: Smarter than the average Bruin?

The sabres may have snatched away the Bruin's win streak, but was it b/c of poor goal tending? Doubtful. Tim Thomas has been playing nothing less than phenomenal this season and having a fast hard hitting team in front of you doesn't hurt either. But does that mean you can't have a bad game here or there? Of course not. These hard hitting Bruins are very much like the old style Flyers. Wait, I forgot, the Bruins actually have skill though... So far, most of the Bruins wins have come from just brutalizing their opponent, but being overly aggressive has its downsides as well. The Pens make this obvious on their power plays, having Malkin out there as a point man. How many short-handed goals have they allowed? While the Bruins do have skill, is it enough to keep them on top for the remainder of the season, or will they have to rely on the sheer force of their hits? Maybe they've been taking lessons from Thomas, the Bruin's own Yoga Bear. For those of you who have never done yoga, give it a try sometime. You'll be surprised at how difficult yoga really is. And hot girls usually participate, so if nothing else you could go home w/ a highly flexible girl that can get in positions that you would of never thought were possible.

Thomas has become quite the "yoga master" lately, and it shows with his playing. He is one of the last unorthodox style goaltenders out there today. Ridiculous saves? He's got plenty. Yoga refers to traditional mental and physical disciplines originating in India. (thank you wikipedia) While yoga is mainly practiced for a balanced holistic wellbeing, many do not realize the incredible muscular workout it can be. Could this be where the Bruins are getting their powerful hits from? Who knows. It's obviously doing something right for Thomas though.

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