Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thor Nelson: Wait, his name is Thor?

Yes, it is. Linesman Thor Nelson, Thor, is a dick. Another ex-player who wasn't good enough to make it but couldn't let go, so he became a linesman.

Well a couple days ago he was doing the Edmonton - Islanders game (no wonder he was so pissed) and he got taken out by Kyle Brodziak (who?) on a rush out of the defensive zone. Well Thor took offense to the fact that a player would dare skate where he was standing and let him have it. To the video.

Edit:: OMG! BTW NSFW! (unless you're wearing headphones)

HA! First a ref tells Ryan Miller to wail away on himself, now we have this guy, Thor, gettin his panties in a bunch after being embarrassed on regional Alberta TV. What a bunch of dicks with a false sense of self entitlement, all because they're refs. Sheesh

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