Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Tale of the Lightning

It will take 3 pictures, I swear it.

June 20th, 2008

June 24th, 2008
January 20th, 2009

What a joke. Marty St. Louis deserves better. I would say Vinnie too, but he signed an 11 year deal, that's close to DiPietro territory.

Sabres play in St. Petersburg tonight, been around that arena before, not in it, just around it. Any arena surrounded by overpasses is scary to me, it was scary, like hobos and crackhead scary. Not even kidding. Maybe later I'll add some worthy hockey related things here, maybe not.

Oh yeah, their mascot is a "thunderbug," I guess that's like a lightning bug, but not at all. His eyebrows are kinda creepy. Mascot fail.

OK here's some game related info...

On Monday night, due to plane issues (the pilot actually drove from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale to get a new plane, flew it to Miami, then flew to Tampa), the Sabres didn't get into St. Petersburg until 4:15 am. So Lindy gave them off and they had a team building exercise. What did they do?

Paintball. They played paintball. Awesome. How Connolly didn't get hurt we'll never know.

So today was their first time on ice since the game in Sunrise and I'm sure a stirring game of paintball, and what happens? Pominville high sticks Rivet and he leaves the morning skate. He got stitched up and should be good to go.

Miller vs. Mike Smith.

Tocchet said this when asked if Steven Stamkos has been taking good notes while sitting in the Presser lately, "It’s not like he’s up there watching the Lightning girls!". Well Rick, we know you would be.


I sure as hell would be. (except for the Fugly girl frozen at the beginning, I'm not sure what's up with that, the first 10 seconds are worth it, trust me.)


Bryan Ollendyke said...

The pens need cheerleaders too like they did a few seasons ago. Except maybe they need to wear bikini's in pgh.

You need a series of Lighting "FAIL" pictures

Vance said...

Dyke, I was just thinking on doing something just like that.

After the successful hilarity of mocking Panther fans, it seems that making a mockery of each daily opponent's fan base simply makes sense.

It just so happens non-hockey markets fail more often than others.

Bryan Ollendyke said...

Are you an econ major or something? Sounds like some crazy logic right there... so.. by your logic. you're saying if I like to make bread and sell bread. But no one else eat's bread, that somehow I shouldn't still be able to open a bread shop and have a bread themed hockey team that I sponsor?

I just wanna know how many "Panthers" live in Florida because if the population is that out of control I'm never vacationing there. I value my blood a bit too much to be giving it away for free

Vance said...

You lost me right around the third time you said bread. But, if that's justification for making fun of other people, then yes.

Fact: BanginPanger is not meant as an insult to the one and only Darren Pang, nor do I claim to be him. The views and opinions presented on BanginPanger are of my own, and no other namesake of the site, the NHL, Buffalo Sabres, Washington Capitals, or anyone else.