Friday, January 23, 2009

Sam Bradford: Vancouver Canuck?

One last thing before the weekend, which undoubtably will feature like 2 posts at best. Sorry.

TSN.CA has this article about Sam Bradford, yeah, the Heisman Trophy winning QB from Oklahoma, and his desire to play hockey at an early age.

"It's kind of weird because hockey's not a big sport down here in the south but it's something I really got into when I was young,'' Bradford told CKNW News Talk 980 in Vancouver.
Hey Sam. No shit.

"I remember trying to convince my parents to move to Vancouver. I thought it was the best decision for me and my family but they didn't see me eye-to-eye on that," laughed Bradford.

I don't care who you are, that's funny.
"I was a big Pavel Bure fan and I would watch all the Don Cherry Rock 'Em Sock 'Em tapes,'' he said in the radio interview. ''For some reason I just picked out Bure as my favorite player so I just started following the Canucks."
Hey give him credit, he knows what he's talking about.

He goes on to say he'd love to participate in a celebrity hockey game sometime, which I'm sure his future NFL franchise will be absolutely pleased about. Either way, how can you not like a kid who dreamed of playin' hockey while tearing up the gridiron.

Bradford would join Richard Park as the 2 kind-of Asian guys in the NHL.
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