Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sabres V Oilers Pregame

hmmmm too soon?

So tonight the Sabres end their break with an epic run out West. 4 games, 6 nights, 5 defensemen. Suh-weet. Important to get this one, with games coming up at Calgary, at Phoenix, and at Anaheim, it's a pretty definining stretch.

While you were gone, Marc-Andre Gragnani was called up from Portland, yeah, he's that far down the depth chart. Yikes. Lindy says he wants Paetsch and Grags to get 12-13 minutes each, that's a lie. He'll be rolling Spacek, Butler, Lydman, and Rivet heavy tonight, expect over 25 minutes...each.

So that leaves Hank, Sekera, and Teppo all nursing injuries. Edmonton has Gagner, Pisani, and Stortini all out. Also out for the Sabres, legend Rick Jeanneret, who will be sitting out the west coast trip. Filling in? Long time Winnipeg Jets announcer Curt Keilback.

It'll be Miller and Roloson. Both teams are 7-3 thus far in January. Oilers 6th in the West with 51 points, Sabres 7th in the East with 53.

Evenly matched, evenly rested. Game on. Let's go Buff-a-lo.

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