Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sabres V Flames; The Aftermath

Well the Sabres are one of 3 teams to play back to back games after the break. I'm not sure that means anything, I'm just sayin. Lindy gave the team off this morning, justly so, after the giving their best Tobias Funke Analrapist impression for the Oilers.

News/Notes: Adam Mair had to get stitches in his leg after blocking a shot, I'm not sure how that happens, but it did. He's questionable, only guy available is Peters...Luckily, since the score was so egregious, that allowed Lindy to roll Gragnani and Paetsch more than he normally would have, I thought they played well enough to warrant 15 minutes. Though Lydman still almost notched 25 minutes...Derek Roy has been playing beastly since I bought that autographed stick, I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin....Oh imagine that, Miller and Kipper, who would've thought 2 of the goalies with the heaviest workloads would start?...Drew Stafford's Uncle, Barrie, the equipment manager for Edmonton over these last 25+ years, was caught smiling/smirking after Drew's first goal, he wasn't after his 3, the Sabres 9th.

Anyway the Flames are good, having won 10 of 13, hopefully the break has the same effect on the Flames as it did the Oilers. Sabres are 8-3 in 2009, that's pretty good too. 3rd in the West vs. 7th in the East. Do it.

So as I've been doing lately, posting opposing team fan pictures, I thought I'd give some good with the funny today. A gallery of sorts, if you will.

Now we can make fun of the Elvis guys alllllllllllll day long, deservedly so. We can sit here and talk about Asian stereotypes and Richard Park and Devin Setoguchi 'til the cows come home. But what I wanna talk about, is what kind of self respecting, young Canadian female is doing, in the heart of Winter (presumably), wearing such a scant ensemble?

Oh a skank you say? Yeah, a skank. But seriously, those things are monsters. Let's Go Buff-a-lo.
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