Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rumors are Just Rumors: End of January Edition

So all the trade rumor rage is still focused on Vinny Lecavalier, especially with his appearance in Montreal this past weekend. Like seriously Quebec? Seriously?

Puck Daddy with the hilarious image.

There really hasn't been much brewing round the trade rumor world other than that. Everyone knows the 40 year old men (Guerin, Weight, Tkachuk) that have been moved every year for the past decade will be traded once again, but who cares. We want the good shit, the ridiculous shit, the most asinine trade rumor you've ever heard.

Well, this isn't that, but it's still pretty damn funny. The combatants!

We have the Ducks of Anaheim (whom shall forever have the Disney logo in my mind) and my Buffalo Sabres, who apparently now are in on every big name out there. Well this isn't a big name, but he's definitely bad ass.

Bobby Ryan for Drew Stafford + Prospect (Tyler Myers)

Good Lord Tyler Myers is gigantic.

Anyways, Bobby Ryan is a 21 year old kid just makin' a splash now with the Ducks. He was drafted #2 behind Sid the Squid in 2005. Since his callup (31 games) he's got 15 goals and 15 assists. Pretty damn good. A solid winger who can play up front and has some moves.

Stafford, 23, has been in the league a couple years, and has shown flashes of brilliance and bouts of incompetency. Good in the corners, slick in the shootout, and with some decent hands, he's a prototypical 2nd line winger. He was the 13th pick in the 2004 draft.

Tyler Myers is huge, like Chara huge. 6'7" and playing hockey, Jesus. He played well for Canada at the WJC's and was the 12th pick in this past years draft.


Of course not kids. Bobby Ryan is worth more to the Ducks than that. Granted they have Perry and Getzlaf, but Selanne ain't playing forever. This is another aspect of their offense they will need to keep. In a post-Burke era, defense will no longer be the only keystone of the Ducks play. Numbers-wise, the two guys probably project to similar stats (Ryan will undoubtably be more, but I'm not sure of his defensive play), which the Ducks will need to focus on.

Which leads me to my next point, using the handy dandy nhlnumbers chart, every single member of the Ducks D-corps, except Chris Pronger, is a free agent. The only reason this would work is that the Ducks are so cash strapped and light on defense they pounce at the chance of a high end D-man in Myers. Otherwise this is a complete and utter steal for the Sabres, and if this is the offer? I'd take it.

But hey, as we all know, rumors are just rumors.

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