Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pens vs. Rags @ 12:30

Pens host the Rangers today on national tv. Good news for the NHL...Crosby might play although I tend to doubt it...o..and I guess that's good news for the Pens too. Letang and Scuds are also expected to play....which is more likely than Crosby playing.

Rangers have the Pens number this year...coming back from two 2-0 deficits and beating the Pens in a shootout...and then 1 ass kicking. I would say the Pens need this win, but they need every win they can get. This would just be the first back to back wins since November...and it's started to get really annoying saying that every time the Pens win a game.

What a great day it could be for Pittsburgh Sports...Pens fans have been encouraged to bring their terrible towels to the game this afternoon. All the Yinzers will be out in full force...hell, I bet there are more Steelers jerseys than Pens jerseys at the games. Douches.

"Hey the Pittburg Pengwin Here"....ohhhh man check out this video of the Pens wishing the Steelers luck today. How awkward is GAY is Fleury's clapping? Hilarious. GO PENS

Scuds looks like a murderer.

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