Monday, January 5, 2009

Pens Update: Satan sent to Hell

Genious Therrian has shaken up the lines once again, but this time I can't blame him. Satan hasn't scored in like 8 games or something, and has been demoted allllll the way to the 4th line. I'm sure that'll work. The first line will be Crosby, an injured Kennedy, and Dupuis, and 2nd line will be Malkin, Syko, and Tanko. Tanks has been the one bright spot as of late, and I wouldn't mind seeing him skate with Crosby...but then skating with Crosby right now really an advantage or privilege when he turns the puck over more than you turn over a cheap hooker?

If the Pens lose tonight, I look for lots of hilarious Crosby cheap shots. Hopefully it's something like the Hanson Bros.

More later...
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