Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New BanginPanger Feature: Fan of the Week

[I scour the interwebz, a lot. I use Google Images like nobody's business. I find a lot of hilarious/ridiculous/idiotic pictures all the time, but never have a use for them. On Wednesdays we will post a picture of a fan, you know the one, that guy who goes wayyyyyyy over the top, and mock him. Then they get to be our fan of the week. Hooray.]

Our first fan comes from the ECHL mainstay (maybe, I haven't the faintest idea) Cincinnati Cyclones. And yeah, I think this guy is serious.

Only in the God forsaken state of Ohio could there be such a dip shit. As we all know, Ohio is a fake state. Only thing cool in Ohio is Rick Nash and Steve Mason, outside of those two? Not quite sure.

a) This guy is literally fat enough to fit "HECKLER FROM HELL" on the back of his jersey, I'm thinkin that's atleast a 60, 62 maybe. Have another hot dog fatty.
b) This guy is literally fat enough to "666" on the back of his jersey. Have some more chili cheese fries tubby.
c) His Gary Cheevers mask is a nice try but still fail city.
d) If he truly is the "heckler from hell" then why are his seats 20 rows up behind the net? Who's going to hear him? His mom? I'm just glad she let him leave the house.
e) Have another polish sausage, this guy makes Charlie Weis look svelte.

OK I don't have anymore. Make fun of him in the comments, don't worry, he spent all his money on that jersey, can't afford a computer.
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