Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Islanders Just Got Boned

You wanna hear somethin funny? The Islanders recently signed Wade Dubielewicz back from Russia to help ease their tenuous goaltending situation (J-Mac hurt, DiPietro going to be shut down for the year). As a matter of fact, it was likely he was going to play tonight.

Before he could return to the Islanders however he had to pass through the vaunted waiver wire. Guess what? He was picked up by Columbus, who now has 3 goalies, while the Islanders have only Yann Danis (who?) and no backup.

Does this lend more credence to the Pascal LeClaire trade rumors we talked about earlier in the week? Absolutely, there's no reason for the Jackets to do this, unless they're looking to move one of their 'tenders. This bears watching.

Now what the hell are the Isles going to do? I haven't a clue, but I mean, Garth Snow and Mike Dunham are both work in the front office. Comeback train?
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