Friday, January 23, 2009

He'd Hit That

I had a bangin picture saved on my laptop at home, but naturally, I can't find it at work. But believe you me, Mrs. Alina Frolov was all over the place.

Alex Frolov, if you'd recall, has been a very productive player out in the drudges of LA, putting up 20 goals so far this year and with a career high of 35 in 06-07. The 26 year old was drafted in 2000, 20th overall, straight outta Mother Russia.

That's where we can only assume he met Alina. Not to be stereotypical, but isn't she just the prototype, stereotypical Russian Blonde. Congratulations Alexander.

Now we know Lil Jon is a hockey fan, he's at Kings' and Trashers' games all the time. I think this particular picture must've been taken during the lockout season judging by the fruity Moscow Dynamo scarf. But I'm not sure what Lil Jon is doin there, but you know, he'd hit that.

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