Friday, January 16, 2009

He'd Hit That

So I was going to put up Amy McCarthy, sister to Jenny, wife to Dan Hinote. But, she had some kids, let herself go a little bit, and now she is not the same gal that graced the cover of Playboy. Let's say a couple go-rounds with the iron gym couldn't hurt.

But, I was thinking, man, the Stars really must be down about blowing the game last night. But then I thought, wait a second, they're hockey players, they have gorgeous wives. Like take, Mike Modano for example, he who is married to none other than "pop sensation" Willa Ford.

They've been happily married since August of 2007 and she has consistently proven her assets to the world, including but not limited to, a 2006 issue of Playboy.

Now we like to keep our images safe for work (mainly because I have to) but, uhhh, side boob. Even Sean Avery and Dion Phaneuf can agree, they'd hit that. So congratulations Willa, 42 people will oogle you on the internet today. You're welcome. Your self-esteem can thank me later.


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