Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goat of the Week: That Guy

We don't know his name. We don't know who he is or his background. But dammit, this guy is an ass. Background. As you know, on Tuesday me n a couple buddies took in the "game" (I use that in quotations because the Capitals never showed up), between the Caps and Oilers.

Bought the tix off StubHub cause they were cheap and the more games I can get to, the better. Well sometime between the 2nd and 3rd intermission I looked over to my left towards section 403 (I was in 404) and couldn't believe the glaring, epic jersey foul I saw.

You have to keep in mind a number of things that you just cannot do with jerseys. Empty Netters had the jersey Bill of Rights a couple weeks ago (although I disagree with 6 & 7, you can't wear a jacket over a jersey dammit) and Puck Daddy has been giving some examples. But this guy blends two realms only possible in Washington D.C. Hockey and Politics.
Yes, we have ourselves a genuine, Obama 08 jersey. This skull cap touting, sweatpants wearing hucklebee graces the upper concourses of the Verizon Center with this keepsake. What a waste of a $175.

There's so much wrong with that jersey (thanks DC Sports Bog for the clearer picture, mine blows). He picked the number 8. Obviously, 8 is Ovechkin, there's more Ovechkin jerseys in that place than minorities. Obama doesn't even take office 'til 09, wouldn't that make more sense? Chances Obama has ever skated, watched a hockey game or knows who's on the Blackhawks, or Capitals? Uhhh, none. $175!!!!! Damn!

This transcends partisan lines, this is hockey. And this guy is an asshole. Sir, you join an illustrious class, Matt Stajan, Eklund, Joe Sakic, Steven Stamkos, and Sean Avery. You're our Goat of the Week (because nothing else happened worthy of the title).

But don't worry, you're not the only dumbass in D.C mixing hockey and politics. Assholes. Can you tell if that's a frumpy guy or fugly woman? The turtleneck throws me off.

Thanks to all the websites, PensBlog,Puck Daddy, DC Sports Bog, Empty Netters, or any I missed for the pics.

Which one's the worst? Got any jersey fouls to add?

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