Friday, January 30, 2009

Foppa klar för Modo

Yeah, I have no idea what that says either. But I do know what it means. Sorry Philly fans, Peter Forsberg won't be returning to the Flyers. Sorry Avalanche (you realllllllly needed him). Sorry Nashville. He won't be back anywhere in the NHL for that matter, as this crazy ass pink Swedish newspaper is reporting. I tried to translate it via Word and Google, and boy, they talk funny.

Not as if the Flyers would ever have enough cap room without moving Lupul or Briere to make room for Forsberg, but, as Spector told me the other day, the GMs cannot revisit the Salary sharing aspect of the CBA until it expires. Of course, the Player's Association just reupped the contract, so the Flyer's are stuck.

It's a shame we'll probably never see Peter and his wonky foot ever again in the league, he was one of the most dominant forwards there in the 90s. Hopefully he'll be remembered for when he was awesome and not a total gimp.

Are you too good for your home, ball?

He's even scary and bad ass when lining up putts.
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