Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flyers Cap Conundrum

Danny Briere is effing everything up. How dare he try to come back from injury and return to the Flyers! He acts as if he's some sort of star who the Flyers committed millions upon millions to via free agency! Dick! Ruining team chemistry and everything! Gawd!

So instead of coming off IR and inserting himself back into the lineup, Paul Holmgren has announced that Briere will be joining the Phantoms for a 2 game "conditioning" stint.
"We are doing this just to make sure everything is okay with Danny,” Holmgren said. “This will give him the opportunity to play in some games prior to re-joining the Flyers. He will play two games with the Phantoms on Wednesday and Friday. He was absolutely receptive to this.”
Please Paul, spare us. This is a cap move. Right now the Flyers are about 2 million under the cap with somewhere around 15 million currently on LTIR, for Briere to come back that means Holmgren needs to make some moves, about 4.5 million worth of them (not to mention the 1 million plus with Nitty as well). Whether that means sending guys back down to the AHL, Sbisa back to Juniors, or making a trade, we don't know. But he's given himself until Friday to do it.
Or maybe Briere's in the Minors because the Flyers are 2-4-3 with him, and 21-6-6 without him. Hmmmmm.
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