Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Flyers are in Penalty Denial

Man, we're up to our necks in conspiracy theories anymore. Gary Bettman's out to get the Wings, Gary Bettman's out to protect Crosby, the Isles are already packing their bags to Kansas City (I made that up, sorta), etc. Well we can add another one to the list, the referee's targeting the Flyer's due to 3 decades of goonery.

Yeah, that's right. Mike Richards has gone on record saying the Flyer's current penalty issues harken back to the days of yore. Way back to the Broad Street Bullies, you know, nearly a decade before Mike Richards was even born. Only 4 currently on the Flyers were even alive during the mid 70's (Hatcher, Timonen, Knuble, Metropolit), let alone old enough to comprehend hockey. Yet, the Flyers penalty differential of -64 is Bobby Clarke, Dave Schultz, and Bill Barber's fault.

The Flyers have had 174 powerplays but have been shorthanded 238 times. They've got the 3rd most penalty minutes with 842 (Anaheim has 879, but they've played 4 more games), 2nd in the league in minor penalties (265) and lead the league with 18.4 minutes a game.

Amazingly enough they've been called for 11 too many men penalties, 11. That's coaching, plain and simple. Can't really blame Barry Ashbee for that. Fred Shero wouldn't put up with that shit, John! Hey, speaking of too many men...

Fags. But of course, coach Stevens would want to shoot down such a conspiracy right? Nope.
"I really do believe there's an aura about the Flyers. There's a tradition, an identity that's been there. It will always be there," Stevens said. "The Flyer teams play hard, and they're an aggressive team. You look at the Super Bowl coming up, and they're talking about the linebackers in Pittsburgh. Coaches have changed, but the whole identity of a Pittsburgh linebacker has never changed. So there's certainly some things historically that stay with teams, and certainly our aggressive play suits us. That year we got away from it, we weren't a very good team.....I think we've done a great job of not getting involved in scrums after the whistle, because those clearly are situations where, based on our reputation, we're going to come out on the bottom end."
If anything, the conspiracy goes back to the Downie, Hartnell, and Boulerice suspensions of last year. I mean, 5 guys with multiple game suspensions? Frankly I think Scotty Hartnell, for the first time ever, has the level head on his shoulders.
"It seems like most of our penalties are little hooks and holds and that has to do with being on the wrong side of guys or getting beat off the wall."
It's time for the Flyers to quit making excuses. They most certainly have the talent to make a deep run, but in the playoffs they won't be able to outscore opponents, they'll have to keep themselves out of the box. Stevens needs to emphasize that here going forward.

But hey, maybe it's not such a bad idea to keep an eye trained on these guys, after all, they are the Philadelphia Flyers.


Anonymous said...

Guess what, I was the one who
pointed out the biased treatment
of the flyers in an email to the press. I have seen every game
since 1982. We are used to the
referies treatment of the Flyers
but this year it has gone to a
whole new level. The penalty calls
against the Flyers are not the problem. It is the penalties
that are not called against other
teams. I counted 3 tripping penalties, an interference and
a too many men on the ice that
Florida got away with against
the Flyers. Against Minnesota
the Flyers had to kill 8 penalties
yet Minnesota did not commit
one penalty the entire game.
The Flyers have the least amount
of power play attempts in the league. Check the stats and our
present lineup. We have Giroux,
Gagne, Timonen, Lupul, Carle,
Carter, etc. Do they sound like
Goons. Watch more Flyer games.

Vance said...

First off, I'm sure the Flyers are quite happy you're playing anonymous watchdog for them to the press, expect your gift basket of Omaha steaks in the mail.

Next point, you're upset about missed calls, that happens, we all scream at the refs. I really am sorry your subjective opinion of a penalty doesn't align with the professional opinions of those referees on the ice, that is a shame.

Florida? You mean the 4th least penalized team in the league?
Minnesota? You mean the least penalized team in the league? And the Flyers, the 2nd most penalized team in the league had a discrepancy in the number of whistles? Nooooooooooo, I couldn't believe it. I bet Steve Coates was super pissed. You should email him and have him do a Coatsey's Corner on the topic.

I did check the stats, they have the 2nd least powerplay attempts in the league. So thanks for making sure I did that. But see, when you're spending nearly a period per game on the kill, that's just about a period's worth of time you won't be on the power play.

And no, those guys don't sound like goons. However that's only 6 guys on a roster that still harbors Hartnell, Cote, Josh Gratton(at times), etc.

And frankly, the point of the post was not that the Flyers are getting screwed, it's that they're making excuses, blaming a "legacy" for their penalty issues, which is absurd.

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