Thursday, January 15, 2009

EPIC Comeback

I'm not sure what Lindy Ruff said after the 1st intermission, but I'm sure it was expletive laced and utterly vulgar. But I do know what he did, switched up the lines that weren't producing for shit. Roy moved with Pominville, Connolly started feeding Vanek, Vanek was double shifting, and they crashed the net, hard.

Gaustad played a heck of a game, getting 2 tough goals sitting in front of the net. All 4 Sabre goals were tips or rebounds by guys planted on, in, or near the crease.

Shootout, 4 shooters, 4 saves for both goalies. Ribeiro, tries to get fancy, PWND. 5th shooter for Dallas, defensive forward Jere Lehtinen fools Miller, goes top shelf. Roy comes back, Turco's jock is still laying in his crease, goal. CLUTCH. Mark Parrish tries the standard triple deke backhand, blocker save. Pominville....sniped. Game Over.

Comeback complete. 2 points. After not having their legs the first half of the game, they outshot, outhit, and outplayed the Stars for the last 35 minutes. Luckily, they had enough to get the win. That win showed some character in these Sabres you don't often get to see...Grit, character, and passion to win a game they should.

Highlights in the morning. I hope someone (that means you NHL) uploads the video of the entire shootout, it was pretty intense.

Man I can't believe I forgot the highlights. Oh yeah, one more thing.

Also don't forget to check back tomorrow, well technically I guess today now, for this week's He'd Hit That, featuring a new hot hockey wife.

UPDATE:: Found the entire shootout. Watch at 4:30 Ribeiro sucking, then at 6:30 for Derek Roy's undressing of Turco.

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