Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Edmonton gets Embarrassed, Goes Missing

Get it? It's on a milk carton. Cause they sucked balls last night.

Not really, but seriously. You know its bad when 4 guys had 3 points, and 6 guys had 2. Embarrassing. Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun sums its up pretty well.

Thoughts? What else is there to say? There's so many goals NHL isn't even showing any other highlights from the game. There's a couple pretty ones in there too. It's as if Edmonton never really came back from the All-Star break. I wonder what they did over their vacation...

Roloson spent time with his kids....
Those two, uh, I dunno.

Either way, I hope the Sabres saved some goals for the rest of the roadie. Tonight in Calgary should be a good one. I'll mock them later this afternoon I guess.

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