Saturday, January 24, 2009

Early Thoughts on Super Skills: Ovie Wins

  • Who is Michelle LaCroix (sp?) and why the hell was she butchering AC DC before the start? I've never heard such a shitaeous rendition of AC DC in my life (and I've seen a lot of cover bands).
  • Organ guy = creepy guy.
  • Since when is Jay Bouwmeester a fast skater?
  • Not really impressed with the shots in breakaway challenge. It bordered more on totally lame than totally sweet. Some of the things were awesome, St. Louis', Getzlafs'.
  • Who let Steven Stamkos into Montreal, let alone participate in the challenge?
  • Ovechkin, you let me down. Albeit hilarious. Kinda. OK, it was kinda patronizing. But atleast he's making a show of it.
  • Atleast now Pens fans won't be all like OMG Malkin and Ovechkin hate each other, see, Malkin gave him his hat, it's just how he plays!
  • Pat LaFontaine = class act all the way.
  • Carey Price = 9 goals? Hilarious. Love seeing a Bruin get the MVP of that lil game of shinny in Montreal.
  • Can't say the Freshman really had more talent, they had Pekke Rinne.
  • I could do better than Matt Iseman at his job.
  • I didn't vote for the "Scotiabank Breakaway Challenge" winner, but apparently the 2 stick epic fail worked for the folks in the Bell Centre.
  • Savvy's a passer...Savvy's a passer.
  • They need to move these guys back 5 feet, 2 4 for 4's so far. Heater and Shrek.
  • Malkin's ugly, but he's damn good at hockey.
  • Good Lord, Malkin. "He come to me before challenge. He said help me, I want win. And he win"
  • Souray vs. Chara: Who wins? I gotta go with Chara.
  • Mark Streit looks high. That's funny.
  • DAMN! Shea Weber 103.4! That's impressive as hell. Souray with 102.3, close no cigar. Chara....105.4!!!! Jesus Christ!
  • Chara's a big softie, yeah, we're all that surprised about it.
Elimination Shootout. The coolest part.
  • I'm rooting for Parise here annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he's out. Dammit.
  • Shea Weber = robbed by Chara, robbed by Backstrom.
  • Wow, if Backstrom would've got hurt diving back after Neidermeyer's shot, how pissed would Lemaire have been?
  • I love it, 3 Dmen in a row beat King and Backstrom.
  • Vanek = PWND
  • Streit hit the sign, man that's too funny.
  • The sound of that ting on Bouwmeester's roofer was awesome.
  • Getzlaf made Thomas look like an asshole and it was fantastic.
  • But Tim Thomas fell in his own crease! BWAHAHAHAHA.
  • Think it's thrown so Kovalev makes it to the finals?
  • Doaner, Niedermeyer, Souray, Chara, Savvy, Marleau, Vanek, Hejduk, Bouwmeester, Modano, Getzlaf, and Kovalev move on.
  • Chara's made the coolest move of the night! But doesn't score.
  • HAHAHA Savvy talks while on his way down, loses it, then scores. And bad mouths his coach!
  • Hejduk just posterized Thomas, this is fun.
  • I think the Elimination is the best part of the night so far.
  • Only 6 left: Savvy, Niedermeyer, Getzlaf, Marleau, Doaner, and Hejduk.
  • I like Savvy, seems like a real nice guy.
  • Hejduk pulls the vaunted Iceland Triple Deke, nails it.
  • Savvy, Doaner, and Hejduk.
  • No one scores, gotta go again! Now this is real fun.
  • Let's go again! The suspense is killin me!
  • Dooooooooaner.
  • Tim Thomas puts his glove 5 hole on Savard after he goes 5 hole multiple times, that's too funny.
  • Finals: Doaner and Savvy. Two guys who's nicknames I like.
  • Doaner gets the W! Now that seems like a real down to earth dude.
We'll that does it for me. To recap.

As expected, Cogliano is the fastest skater. Ovechkin the "trick shot" winner. Frosh's better than the sophomores. Malkin has skills. Chara is a beast. and Doaner is straight cash money.

I'm thinkin a potential live chat for the game tomorrow? Anyone else?

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Fuckin' right Shane Doan.

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