Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do or Die Therrien...

Straight to the point...if the Pens lose tonight, there is a decent possibility Therrien may get canned. This is the last away game before the Pens have a nice home stand. It may be the last game Therrien is behind the bench. If he isn't fired, then we here at Bangin Panger will stop speculating on the matter...and I may throw up all over my broken work computer.

I'll give my thoughts here after the game...

UPDATE: Wow, the Line Juggler has once again not let us get fooled into thinking we may have set lines for the Pens...tonight's lineup:

Matt Cooke, Crosby, Malkin
Chris Minard, Syko, and Staal
Kennedy, Talbot, Satan
Paul Bissonette, Eric Goddard, and Dustin Jeffery...my God, if they are ever one the ice...watch out.

What a coach. What players.

Boucher and Eaton will be scratched and Go-Go will be back in the lineup. It's about damn time...and Tenko is dead for 4-6 weeks, and Dupuis didn't skate much today and will be scratched as well.

We'll see how the Juggler does tonight. Go Pens


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Denson said...

Hey "Bones"...learn how to come up with your own insults instead of being IM'd by a fellow blogger and told to make fun of my photoshopin abilities. Bitch

Vance said...

I did no such thing! That's bullshit, he mocks your photoshops more than I do. Bitch.

bones said...

i disagree vance, we both mock them equally. it helps get me through the day.

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