Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crosby OUT, St. Louis IN for All-Star Game

A little bit of breaking news per Sidney Crosby has decided to sit out of the all-star game this coming weekend due to his tweaked kneegina. He also took a slap shot to the wrist during his first shift against the Canes on Tuesday.

Kinda sucks cause it would have been cool to see him play in the skills comp and such, but he's doing it so he can rest and hopefully help the Pens make a playoff push the second half of the season. I would care more if Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin were the starting line...but we all know what happened there.

As far as his replacement, St. Louis, I was going to argue against it, but it's the All-Star game...actually you know what...effin Krecji should be there. Who gives a shit if 3 Bruins are on the team. They're the best team in the East if not the NHL, they deserve it. Why should Tampa get 2 all-stars? How hard is it to lead your team in scoring in Tampa anyways. Krejci =

- Denson

Now this is Vance, I want to pose a question. Since 1 of the 5 entrants in the breakaway challenge is going to be absent from the competition, is the NHL scrambling to add another to the festivities? Kane, Kovalev, Getzlaf, Ovechkin, and ????? Do you think they'll add someone or just let it go?

I would say Datsyuk, but yeah, he bailed too. I'd have to say Malkin, Toews, or Hejduk. What do you think?

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