Monday, January 26, 2009

Critiquing the Critics: Part Douche...TSN Power Rankings

Now one would think, and one is usually right to assume, that Canadian sports juggernauts such a TSN would USUALLY be intelligent enough when it comes to the NHL. TSN is one of my first sources for any information NHL related. ESPN and hockey is like Micheal J. Fox and Jenga...they don't mix.

The most recent Power Ranking for the NHL were released today, and are nothing short of a mockery, and I laughed out-loud when I saw they had the Buffalo Sabres 18th...and the Penguins 17th. I would love to hear the reasoning behind that one. Vance's team just don't get no R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Aside from that, the top of the rankings there can't be much debate, however I see the Flyers, and Capitals as better teams than the Blackhawks and Devils. Spots 10-20 though is just a cluster *uck and pure example of just how many knee jerky and reactionary assclowns write for TSN. You're telling me that Columbus, Vancover, Florida, Edmonton, Minnesota, and Anaheim are all better than the Rangers and Sabres? Have you been WATCHING any games? And what about giving Phoenix some props? Jesus, I'm surprised Montreal isn't #1 ever since Kovalev won those huge 2 pts for the East Sunday...

Unfortunately, their usual 1 to 2 liners summing up why each team is in their respective rank was left out and instead they added categories for each teams MVP, Norris, Vezina, Selke, and Calder awards. What's the point of even having a Vezina category? Aside from maybe 5 or 6 teams in the NHL, just about everyone has a consistent starting goaltender. Giguere the Ducks Disappointment...yet an All-Star? Who cares about Braydon Coburn...why isn't Debbie Briere their disappointment...I don't give a shit about injuries, he forgot his talent in the Sabres locker room when he picked up that nice paycheck. Just a retarded waste of space and a retarded article. I'd rather Sportscenter waste another 10 minutes of my life telling me about how much Avery loves handjobs...I mean handbags.

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