Monday, December 29, 2008

YouTube Never Ceases To Amaze Me

Does this make me misogynistic? Eh, maybe. Do you even know what that word is? But I'm at work, bored, just waiting to get out to LA. Won't make it to a Kings game though, or Ducks, but really, who wants to see the Kings play?

That might make me misogynistic. Remember, you can't fight the Axis if you have VD!

-----------Some News--------------Or Something-------------Piss Off------------

News floating around right now about Cherepanov (the Rangers' Russian prospect who died suddenly on the ice a few weeks ago) had been doping. Essentially he was increasing his Red Blood Cell count to increase his endurance and/or stamina. I would've just taken Viagara, but you know, whatever. I think may be a situation that warrants a "too soon, too soon" So I'll let Denson be the dickhole and make fun of him.

Tonight the Rangers / Islanders are on Versus, whoopdie-friggin-do.
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